Monday, 3 August 2015

PC Woes and stuff to do! - Blaugust Day 3

The Bad
I had initially planned a post today about how I upgraded to windows 10 last week and how glorious it was running on my pc with no errors at all. How I had to get used to having the start menu button back, instead of swiping along the right side of the desktopscreen to get a popup to shut down my computer. Alas it wasn't meant to be.
Due to a critical bug when switching resolutions in a game I had freshly installed there was a conflict between Windows 10 and my Nvidia Graphics drivers. I tried reinstalling them after getting my PC to boot in safe mode (which by the way is almost impossible without a recovery disc) but to no avail.
Queue frustrated gamer lady and an unresponsive PC. I have had to reinstall Windows 8 from scratch (which is the OS it originally came with) and have spent yesterday evening and today updating everything and upgrading it to Windows 8.1

Luckily for me I still have my rusty old laptop. It might not play games, or run streams but it has open office installed which allows me to type atleast and a working Mozilla Firefox so I can upload my text into the Blogger text field. So with no further ado, here is my Blaugust day 3 post!

The Fantasy
Due to my pc issues I finally managed to get some time in on FFXIV again. I play it on my Playstation 4 but haven't really done anything with it after returning home from Sweden. Seeing as I'm way behind on farming Esoterics already I should be more active about logging in and getting my cap, but for some reason I don't really feel the need to.
Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy FF as a game immensely. I love my Dragoon and I'm in the process of levelling up my Bard (mostly for retainer purposes) and my White Mage because I want a healer up for shorter queue times. I have always loved the White Mage more than Scholar, mostly because White Mage reminds me of Holy Priest. The healing is simple and reactionary, or atleast it was up untill level 50, and the job gear at the time looked seriously pretty.
I think I just need to get back into my routines of doing ex-roulette and trial roulette for esoterics and low level and guild hest roulette to level my White Mage.
My Bard I intend to level on high level roulette and low level hunt mobs. That should give me enough experience to work my way up to 60 steadily. I'm also really curious about the new Bard abilities. I have mained the class throughout a chunk of Coil progression and ranged shooty classes will always have a soft spot in my heart. Hence my plans to get it to 60 aswell.

The Gaming Schedule
Seeing as how I'm starting a new job within a week I have had to think about making some goals for my gaming and how I'm going to schedule this. Running roulettes on FFXIV is rather time consuming (it can easily take two hours) and I don't want to be spending all my time on that game alone. So I've made a list with gaming goals that's pinned to a board and which outlines what I want to work on for now. Seeing as it's also more or less one of the writing prompts I'll share the list here for now and let you guys know when I have worked through most of it.

The List
  • Get esoterics capped on FFXIV each week
  • Do Low Level and Guildhest roulette on my WHM untill level 50 (current level: 37)
  • 100% Complete Kessex Hills on my Ranger in GW2
  • Complete level 20 personal story on my Ranger in GW2
  • Do Hearthstone Dailies
  • Get Hearthstone Rank 20
  • Play through Super Mario Bos 2. on my 3DS; World 1 to start with
  • Play through Mickey's Castle of Illusion, world 1 and 2 to start with

As you can see the list mostly involves doing dailies (Hearthstone, FFXIV) and play through some games I've had in my possession for a while now but haven't really done anything with. Since platformers are usually no brainers I figured it's easier to set goals for them. The gameplay is basic and usually easy to pick up after not playing a while, unlike RPG's where I completely lose track of what I've done and what I'm supposed to do after not logging in for an extended amount of time.

The Laptop
Seeing as I'm not sure when my PC will be fully up and running again, and since this used to be my university laptop and it's really nice to type on, I might keep writing my blog posts on here. I can always add screenshots later if I want (right?) And since it's a small laptop (Asus Eee-pc) I can take it with me and work on the road. Win/win! For now it allowed me to not miss out on day 3 of Blaugust, so we atleast have that.


  1. I've been terrified to do the in-place upgrade to Windows 10... I'm thinking about setting up a virtual machine to try it out first, or more likely I'll just put it off for another six months.

    1. Yeah I've decided to wait it out a while now untill they have resolved all critical bugs and launch "diseases" from windows 10. Right now I'm running on 8.1 again and it works fine.

  2. Great goals! I can't wait to hear all about your progress! Sorry about the issues with Win10. I've been holding off because I only have one computer and I"m afraid of the issues hindering me doing ANYTHING at all, lol.

    1. Thanks! Yeah if I were you I would hold off for a while aswell. It's seriously not stable yet. Just keep on running on Windows 7 or 8.1!